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Secure, liability solutions...
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Syndicate 2525 provide bespoke liabilityinsurance, for complex and high risk businesses
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Why Syndicate 2525 - What makes us different?
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Our business fundamentals:

  1. We believe that the claims of the worst performing risks should not be paid for by charging higher premiums to the best performing risks.

  2. When pricing risks, we understand that each policyholder’s claims experience is not the only measure of their risk profile.

  3. We recognise that the time and effort policyholders invest in managing health and safety directly affects the number of injuries that occur in the workplace.

  4. We believe it is an investment for us to contribute to the cost of better understanding of how our policyholders’ workplaces can be made safer.

  5. We look to insure policyholders who take managing health and safety in the workplace seriously and who take all due care in the preparation of methodology and risk assessments for third party exposures.

  6. Our claims handling model should always provide the very highest technical standards available at the lowest cost.

  7. Companies of every size and trade can pay less for their liability insurance with the right approach to risk management.

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Syndicate 2525
5th Floor Camomile Court,
23 Camomile Street,
London EC3A 7LL

At Lloyd's – Box 150,
One Lime Street, London

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