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Syndicate 2525 provide bespoke liabilityinsurance, for complex and high risk businesses
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At Syndicate 2525, we believe in creating value for our policyholders at every opportunity. When it comes to procuring and managing services from the legal profession, we have developed a proven approach to getting the highest technical standards at the lowest cost.

Our Litigation Services enable us to get the most out of any engagement with lawyers by conducting all business with them at our offices. This enables us to carefully manage and minimise the time spent on your account and, as always with lawyers, time is money.

Insurers usually engage with panel solicitors on a per claim basis and provide instructions to the lawyer who reviews the papers and produces a report. Often, a lengthy long-distance dialogue ensues, which can quickly accrue significant expense.

With the lawyers sitting in our office, far more can be achieved through face-to-face meetings. We make sure everyone’s time is spent as efficiently as possible, reducing the need for additional report writing or unnecessary correspondence.

Principle before profit

During the process, it is important that both our and the policyholder’s commercial imperatives are also taken into account. If appropriate, we might agree to support a policyholder in pursuing a defence where the technical legal appraisal suggests the claim is one for settlement on best terms.

Putting principle before profit, we are able to bring a sense of balance to the way such issues are approached. This also avoids the situation where insurers act out of self-interest when deciding whether to pay the cost of defending a claim or accepting the available settlement.

Unlike many other insurers, we use specialist regulatory lawyers to resolve any issues you might have with the Health & Safety Executive, Police or Environment Agency arising in connection with policy claims. Given that the stakes here can be very high, we believe it is vital that you are adequately covered for associated defence costs.

  • Defending any Proceedings relating to a claim
  • Issuing Proceedings for contribution or recovery
  • Negotiating compromise settlement
  • Representation at a coroner’s inquest or fatal accident enquiry
  • Representation at a Police And Criminal Evidence (PACE) interview
  • Defending corporate manslaughter charges
  • Defending prosecution for breach of Part 1 of the Health & Safety At Work Act
  • Defending prosecution for breach of Construction (Design and Management) Regulations

Certain defence costs can only be expended with the Syndicate’s prior written consent. Defence costs are payable in addition to the Limit of Indemnity on Public Liability policies.

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