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Syndicate 2525 provide bespoke liabilityinsurance, for complex and high risk businesses
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Employer's Liability (EL) insurance in its typical form has some inherent problems of delivery. The most notorious being the typically disproportionate legal costs that accompany the compensation payment. Our ReWage extension to the EL policy is designed to help with this.

Standard EL is intended to indemnify you for the cost of claims that arise out of accidents to employees in the workplace for which you are legally liable. It is also adopted by the Government to fulfill a social need and is therefore compulsory. However, with various punitive cost regimes introduced in recent years to assist employees in bringing their injury claims, we often face the injustice of costs exceeding compensation. This drives up premiums and creates frustration and difficulty for both you the Employer and the injured employee.

The most recent Government reforms may reduce this cost exposure but our approach is back to basics proposition predicated on whether an employee needs to seek legal representation in order to be compensated for his wage loss.

Our experience tells us that Employer's would like to have more input into the conduct of a claim and be able to react flexibly when an accident at work is reported. In situations where wage payments are maintained, subsequent to the injury and where recovery is aided by physiotherapy or other appropriate medical intervention, more favourable claim outcomes are achieved, return to work accelerated and legal costs can be eliminated.

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